David Ariew’s latest projects, New Tutorials, Dailies v Shorts, MoCoin and Crypto talk: Using your GPUs for mining when not in use, Matt’s new PC build, Redshift materials, C4D Octane Edge Displacement, Working with files the client will receive, iPhone X, Poliigon HDRIs, Trypogen, Email Generator for Clients, Beeple’s People, and some emails.

Deadmau5 Kart by David Ariew
Advanced Octane Shaders for Cinema 4D
Liam’s Redshift Caramel
OSL Noise Collection
One way to adjust for Octane Render’s pesky edge displacement in Cinema 4D
Real-time Facial Performance Capture with iPhone X
Reeperbahn Festival 2016 — Titles
$477.90/day processing?