Montezuma’s Revenge


Not only is Zima back, but so are Dave & Matt. Montezuma’s Revenge, Taking Vacations, School of Motion, Siggraph, Beeple VR Contest, David Fincher CG, Surviving Curve Balls, Apple Announcements, Apple AR?, Octane AI Denoiser, & French Monkey Skin Control.

B&W iPhone Screen
Siggraph Anisotropic Elastoplasticity for Cloth, Knit and Hair Frictional Contact
Beeple VR Contest
Nornickel 5 (Ru)
How to animate cube in Houdini
The Hidden Brilliance of Fincher’s Editing
Mastering 3D Modelling in Cinema 4D
Realistic Ocean Tutorial in Cinema 4D using HOT4d
Octane Subreddit
Octane AI denoiser update
French Monkey Octane Skin Control for C4D
Multiple Specular Layers in Octane