For this experiment we used GripTools and their iXplorer iPhone app to capture camera movements live via Wifi. We built a virtual green screen studio to the scale of our own studio in C4D. Once the set and the real world were aligned we added virtual set pieces to help block a complicated green screen shot. You could use full objects or even cubes to represent objects that will be composited into the final shot. This specific laptop doesn't have the beefiest graphics card, but I'm sure a MacBook Pro would probably have no problem with more complex models on the fly. This will help the director visualize a shot on site as long as there's some pre-viz. Actors sometimes have trouble understanding the environment they're supposed to be acting in. This will help show them what they're supposed to be doing and where specific objects are in a scene. It's choppy right now due to the "screen capture as a source" software using WAY too much CPU than it needs to, but we'll have that fixed. Just to get it working we used Camtwist for screen capture. It uses WAY too many system resources so we're finding a better option. This was just the first run to see if the idea was at all possible. The key, although rough, was very smooth. We used DVGarage's Conduit Live which has a great keyer. Next time we'll spend more time getting the key just right once we set up actual lighting. If we can get all of this running in a couple hours, just imagine how it will look once we work out the bugs!