Been getting tons of requests for a parts list for an Octane Monster Mac. Here is a list of what we're using. This sucker will feel so fast, you'll feel like you're on a loaded "Trashcan." Don't forget to stock up on RAM.

An Early 2009 Mac or higher that's the old build. Not the "Trash Can"

Graphics cards (Preferably 2 EVGA GTX 980ti Super clocked)

A power supply that can handle 2 of these cards or similar 900 series. 760's and 970's have been tested by us personally. You'll be using 4 slots in the computer. Keep that in mind.

(Optional) SSD. SO worth it. The smallest one is only $77 on Amazon right now.

Then you need Octane, of course.

We plan on doing an updated video soon, but here is an older video that talks about the installation.