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Cool and easy solution for your daily designs and projects


The handmade Brush Pack is here, either you are a 2D or 3D Artist you will be able to take full advantages of this collection. All The Brushes can be ''Define as Pattern'' inside of Photoshop, for custom Brush Presets. Those Maps can also be used with any 3D software, as Alpha Mapping to create unique textures.

This Pack includes:

- 280 Greyscale Brushes
- Handmade Brushes
- 50+ Brushes in 4K Resolution
- 4 Cinema 4D Project files


- All The Brushes have been classified by their Dimensions (meaning that the 1st Brush is the biggest)

- All The Brushes can be ''Define as Pattern'' inside of Photoshop except for the 3 first Brushes (since they exceed the 5000px     limit allowed in Photoshop for brushes)