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Brograph's Lighting Plugin for C4D Octane Users. The elusive spotlight that every Octane user would love to have, preset gobos, viewport features including lighting, shadow, and color temperature feedback when using Open GL. QIKSKY for lighting a modeling project without missing a beat. A softbox, a ring light with multiple bulb options, a customizable Octane Cyc, and an IES tester to quickly see look options. 

*Requires a copy of Octane Standalone and Octane Plugin for C4D. 

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Brograph Luminous Lite allows you to easily create gobos in Cinema 4d using the standard Cinema 4D spotlight. It includes over 13 preset gobos as well as the ability to add shaders.  It also includes our Brograph Cyc Lite, which will allow you to easily create and customize a cyc wall. As well as the QIKSKY Lite, which will help you easily create an HDRI. This plugin will work with Standard and Physical renderer as well as Cinema 4D Lite!

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Pixel Lab's newest Octane Plugin. Quickly add complex dirt, grunge and worn looks to your materials. You can also add stickers and patterns. The best part is that it takes very complex mix materials, noises, shaders and layers and puts them all in a very easy to use interface which is fast and fun to play around with. We hope you find it useful! Pixel Lab teamed up with Cedric Henry, from PXLNTWRk to make this available to you.